Bitland Thanksgiving kicks off the third “Coupon Gratitude Giving Back Campaign”

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Update time : 2022-11-27

On Thanksgiving Day, Bitland, the world’s leading digital currency miner, launched the third “Coupon Gratitude and Feedback Activity” to thank customers for their long-term support and help them overcome the recent downturn in the digital currency market. This activity is open to long-term Association customers. Customers who purchase the Long-term Association starting in September 2021 will receive coupons as long as 100% of the delivery lots covered by long-term Association have been paid (no cancellation execution). Event coupons are transferable and can be deducted up to 30% of the total order value.


Bitland is committed to building a “commercial symbiote” integrated with customers and suppliers, adhering to the principle of “win-win, long-term and loyalty”, sharing risks and dividends, and helping the global blockchain network achieve healthy and stable growth of computing power. As the digital currency market continues to slow down, Bitmain has taken the initiative to share the benefits of this difficult time. The first and second coupon Rewards campaign was launched in July and August, respectively. The third coupon Rewards campaign was launched during the Thanksgiving holiday, which is even more significant.

If the long-term agreement signed by the customer and Bitmain is an order agreement, then the coupon amount available to the customer is equal to 4% of the total payment amount of the delivery batch conforming to the conditions of issuing the coupon; In the case of a futures agreement, the customer will receive a coupon equal to 2% of the total payment amount for the delivery lot eligible for the coupon. Orders eligible for coupon issuance will receive the coupon by 23:00 Beijing time on November 30, 2022.

The pattern continues to change, the market ups and downs, only those who participate in the game, enjoy The Times. Bitland upholds long-term doctrine, helping customers to prepare for winter and spring, bear market deep cultivation, bull market prosperity. To learn more about Coupon Gratitude, click the link in the “Read the article” at the lower left corner.

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