Antminer T19 84th Profitability

We have been looking for the Antminer T19 profitability for a long time. Now we have found it, and it is 84th.


The Antminer T19 is a SHA-256 ASIC miner that hashes at a rate of 84TH/s. It is the most powerful SHA-256 miner on the market today and can mine Bitcoin (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The Antminer T19 features high-quality components and is built to deliver maximum hash power at an efficient rate. The miner requires 1,800W of power, which makes it ideal for home miners who want to operate their own mining farm or a large scale operation where you require low electricity costs.


Antminer T19 84th


The Antminer T19 was designed with simplicity in mind. Its design allows you to easily set up your rig without having any technical knowledge, making it perfect for beginners who want to start mining without having to deal with complicated setups or configurations.


The Antminer T19 comes with all accessories needed for setup such as power cord and Ethernet cable, so all you need is a monitor or TV with HDMI input port!

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